Ethernet Network Cable CAT5E Outdoor Rated STP Foil-Shielded: 14FT, 25FT, 75FT


0.50 LBS

CAT5e Shielded Network Cable with molded, snagless boot (snagless installation)

Shielded CAT-5E cables will retain a high quality signal when passing near/parallel to high voltage or power cables.  It is ideal for noisy environments and/or environments where interference is expected.

Our CAT5E cables are 100% tested for performance and continuity in accordance with industry standards.

RJ45 connectors

  • Shielded with metal.
  • Extra protection for the RJ45 connector and clip. The connectors are wired to the T568B standard.
  • The RJ45 plug features gold connectors to prevent corrosion thus ensuring a longer cable life. 
  • The individual conductors are 24 AWG (American wire gauge) stranded pure copper 

For use with Access Points outdoors: Ubiquiti recommends only shielded (STP) outdoor-rated CAT5e cable, and specifically recommends against using unshielded (UTP).

Our Cat5e patch cables are stranded to improve flexibility. Pure copper conductors provide the best signal possible.  Our Cat5e Ethernet patch cables exceed the EIA/TIA-568-C standard.


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