CATC6 CON-RJ45-C6-100 Shielded Feed Connector 100pcs - Shireen


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CATC6 CON-RJ45-C6-100 Shielded Feed Connector

Ethernet cable is considered an unheralded component within any great communications network. This CAT6 CON-RJ45-C6-100 shielded connectors reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can damage critical data and maintains wire twists to the point of termination, eliminating or greatly decreasing pair-to-pair and alien crosstalk. Save money by using these connectors to create your own patch cables.


  • Engineered for use with all of Shireen's Cat6 Outdoor/Indoor Ethernet cable.
  • External Metal Strain Relief provides excellent grounding for Braiding, Foil or Drain wire.
  • SmartFeed conductor alignment module assists with the installation.
  • 3 prong gold-plated contacts ensure connectivity with copper core.
  • Gold-plated contacts provides reliable performance for a Gigabit Ethernet rated network
  • Complete overall coverage of connector with both internal and external grounding.
  • Ideal for high EMI/RFI environments.
  • Easy to Carry, Gold plated connectors resist corrosion, improve the signal performance.
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