Antenna Mount for Tile Roof for Satellite Dish, Direct TV, Parabolic, Grid


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Satellite Dish Mount for Tile Roof

Suitable for Satellite Dish, HDTV, Ubiquiti, or any other large antenna

  • The tile mounts consist of the mounting plates for the J-mount pole mount that you see in the photo. Does not include J-mount / pipe-mast: The (SKU) TILEMTS mount is the hardware to connect/mount the pole/mast to the tiles. The type of J-mount / pipe-mast that are compatible with the TILEMTS are DirectTV foot format: All of the DirecTV J-mounts' foot dimensions and hole-pattern are compatible with TILEMTS.
  • The standard footprint is called the "direct TV footprint" and is shown in one of the images above: 5" by 7 7/8" (see image for details).
  • The standard unit comes with holes to fit bolts that are 5 1/16 diameter: This is the standard, Direct TV configuration.
  • The bolt-hole pattern matches the foot (mounting bracket) of mounts that have the Dish Network bolt-hole pattern: The bolt-holes distances apart are 3.75-inch by 6-inches.
  • If your requirements vary from these stated above, we can customize the production run to fit your specific configuration.
  • Our MOUNT24 J-mount (24-inch version) is compatible with our tile-roof mount TILEMTS: MOUNT24 has a larger foot than our other J-mounts: The foot is 6x9 inches and the bolt pattern matches TILEMT & TILEMTS. Diameter of pole: 2 inches; Pole is 24 inches tall.
  • We offer compatible mounting braces: In regions in which there are high winds, these mounting braces provide the leverage to keep large antennas' mounts stable. We offer long and short adjustable mounting braces.

This mount accommodates Dish Network and other antenna based systems with a surface area of 3.14 sq. ft. & under.


  • Easy installation
  • Made of Galvanized Steel and Powder coated for Long-Lasting Corrosion Resistance
  • Will not void roof warranty


UBAM and UML pipe-mast w/ mounting foot / bracket DO NOT have the correct bolt-hole configuration to fit our tile-roof mounts TILEMT & TILEMTS: These are both J-mount type pipe-mast mounts.

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