Wrench for SMA and RP-SMA connectors: Fits Nut & 5/16" Hex


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Wrench for SMA and RP-SMA connectors

5/16-inch wrench head fits SMA-male and RP-SMA male connectors: It fits both the hex nut and the flange, if the flange is 5/16," which is very typical for the flange of SMA and RP-SMA female connectors: See photo and further explanation below.

The hex nut for SMA and RP-SMA measures 5/16 inch (0.3125 inch / 7.9mm) across opposite flats: This SMA wrench is the same wrench as for a #6 SAE hex nut.

Data Alliance provides two versions of SMA and RP-SMA female hex-flanges (we provide the same options whether SMA or RP-SMA):

  • In any case, the nut is 5/16" and so this SMA wrench fits / is compatible with the nut.
  • The 11mm hex on the left in photo below, is 7/16" and so the hex-flange is too large for the SMA wrench (although the hex-nut fits the wrench)
  • The 5mm hex on the right in photo below, is 5/16" and so the hex-flange fits the SMA wrench, and of course the hex-nut also fits the wrench):


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