Antenna Dual Band 5dBi 2.4GHz 5.8GHz WiFi Omni-Directional. RP-SMA or SMA


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Outdoor / Indoor 5dBi Omni-Directional Dual Band WiFi Antenna with Adhesive Mount

  • With 5FT cable to RP-SMA or SMA connector options.
  • V.S.W.R. < 1.8 : Low V.S.W.R. that is indicative of a very high-quality, high performance antenna.
  • IP65 ingress-protection ratingWeatherproof /waterproof.
  • Radiates signal with a beam of 360 degrees; also receives signal from 360 degrees around it.
  • Marine antenna: This antenna can be used for marine use, but in a salt-water environment, the antenna often will begin to corrode after a year or possibly less: The chrome plating on the base bubbles and peels off: Our customers that us this antenna for marine use, find that the low cost and fact that it lasts about a year without any issue, in a marine environment, makes it suitable. The antenna is is cost-effective enough even considering that they replace the antenna when the corrosion begins.
  • Data Alliance's high-quality soldered terminations of SMA and RP-SMA connectors with soldering provide a low-loss connection with discontinuities kept to a minimum.

Compatibility with wireless standards & applicationsThis omni directional antenna's range of frequency band compatibility in the 2.4 ~ 2.5GHz frequency band range, its its excellent low broadband VSWR at < 1.6, and impedance matching to 50 Ohm gear, makes it suitable and compliant for all the following applications:

 Frequency range  2.4GHz 5.8GHz Dual Band
 Gain (dBi)  5dBi
 VSWR  <1.8 : Low VSWR indicative of high performance
 Impedance  50 Ohm
 Polarization  Vertical
 HPBW / horizontal  360 degrees (horiz. pol. beamwidth)
 HPBW / vertical  25 degrees (vertical pol. beamwidth)
 Max Power handling  50W
 Antenna Cable  RG-174 coax cable to RP-SMA or RP-SMA connector
 Antenna Connector  RP-SMA-male & SMA-male options
 Survival wind speed  180Km/hr
 Temperature  -40C ~+ 60C
 Humidity  100% @25c
 Radome color  Black
 Radome material  Hard plastic
 Weight+Packing Weight  57g
 Dimensions  Inches: L 4.5 X W 7/8 X 1/8

ROHS 3 & REACH compliant: Antenna, cable and connector are all compliant with ROHS 3 and REACH.

Cable Length: 5 foot. Custom cable lengths and alternative connector types can be supplied for volume requirements.

RP-SMA and SMA Connector Characteristics:


All of our antennas pass QC test before we ship them.

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