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Sealants for Connectors, Cables, Wires

Coax-Seal:  Advanced sealants for wireless, radar, satellite, radio and marine networks

  • Seals and protects all types of cable, wire and connectors from moisture and corrosion
  • Ideal for all types of antennas, wireless networks, radar, cable, satellite dishes, marine and aviation electronics, and any application requiring protection from the weather
  • Adheres to all cable and wire hardware and cable jackets
  • Offers years of protection from the effects of weather
  • Stays flexible, hot or cold; easy to remove
  • Used in many industries, including telecommunications, wireless networks, military, marine, aviation, aerospace and commercial radio
  • Made in USA  Insist on  “The Original Coax Sealant!”  Coax-Seal

Sealants for Antenna Mounts, Router Enclosures Marine WiFi antennas, mounts for boats, yachts, marinas Silicone Grease Cable Glands for Router Enclosures MikroTik Wireless & Wired Routers, Switches Bulkhead Nut washer o-ring RP-SMA N