Adapter RP-SMA Female To RP-SMA Female: Waterproof O-Ring Bulkhead


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RP-SMA Female to RP-SMA Female Adapter

  • RP-SMA female on both sides: One side has a large-sized bulkhead nut (outer diameter of the nut is 12.70mm) - much larger than the standard bulkhead for RP-SMA.
  • A red O-ring is included, to make a waterproof seal in the port of a enclosure or panel
  • Gold-plated and Nickel-Plated Options: Nickel-Plated Brass is the most corrosion-resistant of all plated brass alloys (better than gold-plated).
  • A second nickel plated version has a delrin (white plastic) cap for the flange, so that it will not make contact with a metal surface: Part# RSfRSfOP
  • The thicker middle section (where the bulkhead nut resides) has a flat element to prevent turning while inserted in the panel (known as "d hole")
  • Enables connection / coupling of two RP-SMA male connectors: Bulkhead Feedthrough Adapter.
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • IP68 waterproof rating.
  • ORING is UL Listed.

Compatibility with wireless standards & applications :

Our RP-SMA Female to RP-SMA Female Adapters' range of frequency band compatibility (from 0GHz to 18GHz), consistently low broadband VSWR , and impedance matching to 50 Ohm cables, makes them compatible , suitable and compliant for all the above applications.

RP-SMA Connector Characteristics and Details:

RP-SMA female connector includes a bulkhead nut and washer for mounting & waterproofing:

  • You can use this hardware to mount the connector (and thus the cable) on the wall of a network enclosure (to weatherproof the cable connection), or mount the connector on a case, panel or Printed Circuit Board (PCB).
  • Weatherproofing : Seal the hole where the female connector is mounted, by placing an O-ring between the wall of the enclosure and the bulkhead nut & washer on the female connector.
  • The length of our standard RP-SMA-female connector (threaded part) is 3/8 inches. We have a longer option: 14.5mm, which is available as an option. The longer 14.5mm option has an O-ring embedded in the flange to waterproof the port where the cable enters a network enclosure.
  • All of our cables with SMA and RP-SMA female connectors have bulkhead mount hardware.

RP - SMA  Female torque rating

RP-SMA female and male diameter :

  • RP-SMA female outside diameter is 5/16" (7.9375mm): Accommodates a hex nut (bulkhead nut) with 5/16" nominal outer diameter
  • RP-SMA male inside diameter is 5/16" (7.9375mm) (the inside diameter where the threads are).

RP-SMA Connector Materials Composition :

  • Connector Body: Gold Plated Brass
  • Center Contact: Beryllium Copper, Gold Plated
  • Crimp Ferrule: Copper, Nickel Plated
  • Insulators: PTFE
  • Precision machined for low loss in ISO 9001 facilities.

Insertion loss: 0.26 dB maximum

All of our antenna cables and adapters pass QC tests before we ship them.

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    Just what I was looking for and could not find..

    Posted by Chris C. Grier on 4th May 2016

    It was exactly what I needed it fits perfectly, works perfectly, mounts perfectly. I order another one actually already.