Nano-SIM Extension Cable: 230mm


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Nano-SIM Extension Cables

  • Push-push Nano SIM slot
  • 230 mm length extension cable

SIM cards, also known as “Subscriber Identity Modules”, are small integrated circuits used in mobile devices to store essential information, including user identity, network authentication, and contact data. 

Over the years, SIM cards have evolved in size and design to accommodate advancements in mobile technology. Today, we have four main types of SIM cards: SIM, Nano-SIM, Micro-SIM, and Mini-SIM.

The table below summarizes the key differences between SIM, Nano-SIM, Micro-SIM, and Mini-SIM:

SIM Card Type

Dimensions (mm)

Common Usage

Storage Capacity



25 x 15

Older devices

Limited storage capacity compared to newer SIM card

Requires adapter for others SIM devices


25 x 15

Feature phones, early smartphones

Provides sufficient storage capacity for essential data

Requires adapter for others SIM devices


15 x 12

Various smartphones, tablets

Offers more space for additional functionalities

Requires adapter for others SIM devices


12.3 x 8.8

Modern smartphones, tablets

Provides ample storage capacity for extensive contact data

Compatible with most devices


While Nano-SIM has become the norm for most devices, it's important to remember that some older or specialized devices may still rely on Micro-SIM or Mini-SIM cards. Always verify the specifications of your device before making any SIM card or device purchases to ensure compatibility and a hassle-free user experience.

If you find yourself in need of extending the reach of your Nano-SIM card, the Nano-SIM extension cable offers a reliable solution. With its 230mm length and slim design, it provides flexibility to position your Nano-SIM card within your device as needed, while also offering a reliable solution for data transfer speeds.

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