Lightning Surge Arrestor: 0 to 6GHz N-male to N-female or N-male


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Lightning Surge Arrestor

Lighting Protector 0 ~ 6GHz for Antennas: Highest quality at the lowest price, providing extreme value. This protector provides great protection from 0 to 6 GHz with N-Female to N-Male connectors.

It's the high quality body material is 100% nickel plated brass unlike common aluminum body material protection devices on the market. It protects normally ships with 90 VDC breakdown voltages which are more than sufficient for wireless LAN installations.

Ground wire needed (not included): 26 AWG ESD drain wire.

Model L5NFM
Frequency Range 1~6GHz
Insertion Loss 0.2dB
Impedance 50
Insulation 10,000M
Max With Standing Current@8/20uS 10KA
DC Breakdown Voltage@100V/S 90V DC
Power 50W
Electrode Capacitance 1.5pF
Weight 130g
Dimension 63x40x25 mm
Connector N-male to N-female options

N-male Connector Characteristics and Details: Durable, weatherproof connection

  • The N-male-connector has an internal rubber O-ring, which provides a water-tight seal.
  • The N (male) connector is knurled.
  • N-type connectors' body is nickel-plated brass, which is the best metals-plating alloy for rust-proof / corrosion proof / weatherproofing for long-term outdoor exposure.
  • Our N connectors provide a consistent performance from 900MHz to 12.5 GHz. Being rated up to 12.5GHz, makes them usable in not just WiFi applications, but also in the higher end of the microwave spectrum.
  • N-Female diameter is 0.620-inch (1.57 cm). N-male inside diameter is 0.620-inch (1.57 cm)
  • N-connector gender is counter-intuitive: Gender refers to the pin inside and not the threads.
  • N-Type connector is the largest of the RF connector types, and are usually found on large antennas, especially for outdoor use.
  • Our N-Type connectors feature threaded coupling mechanisms and are fully interchangeable with N-Type connectors made to the MIL-C-39012 specification. These connectors are used in all systems where excellent RF and mechanical performance is critical.
  • Nickel-plated brass body for enhanced corrosion resistance: Nickel plating is the most weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant metal plating.

N materials composition:

  • Connector Body: Nickel-Plated Brass: The most corrosion-resistant of all plated brass alloys (better than gold-plated).
  • Center Contact: Beryllium Copper, Gold Plated
  • Crimp Ferrule: Copper, Nickel Plated
  • Insulators: PTFE