Lightning Surge Arrestor: 0 to 6GHz N-female to N-female connectors


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Lightning Surge Arrestor

  • For wireless / WiFi networks: Works in all frequency bands from 0 to 6GHz band.
  • Lightning Protector for Antennas of the highest quality in the industry, at a very reasonable price - providing extreme value.
  • This protector provides great protection from 0 to 6 GHz with N-Female connector on both ends.
  • It's the high quality body material is 100% nickel plated brass unlike common aluminum body material protection devices on the market.
  • Normally protects with 90 VDC breakdown voltages which are more than sufficient for wireless LAN installations.
  • Nickel-plated brass body for enhanced corrosion resistance: Nickel plating is the most weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant metal plating.

Ground wire needed (not included): 26 AWG ESD drain wire.

Frequency Range 1~6GHz
Insertion Loss 0.2dB
Impedance 50
Insulation 10,000M
Max With Standing Current@8/20uS 10KA
DC Breakdown Voltage@100V/S 90V DC
Power 50W
Electrode Capacitance 1.5pF
Weight 130g
Dimension 63x40x25 mm
Connector N female to N female

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