INS-8023AF-O 802.3AF voltage step-down Adapter for any POE: Outdoor version - Ubiquiti

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Instantly transform any POE device into a fully 48V 802.3af compliant product
Instant 802.3af is ideal for use with Ubiquiti's family of Airmax and 802.11a/b/g ISP products.

Step-down voltage on 48-volt POE switch-port to 24-volts. 48-volts enables long cable runs but is too much voltage for Ubiquiti gear and most other wireless APs and CPE.

  • Available in both indoor and outdoor versions: See link to indoor version in tab ("Related Products")
  • Longer 48V cable runs capable because of increased efficiency of power delivery (less current)
  • Additional 15kV of ethernet isolation and ESD/Surge protection to device
  • Works seamlessly with Cisco Catalyst and other 802.3af Switches for remote power control
Technical Specs

Electrical Information
Input 48V, 802.3af (with sensing capability)
Output 16V, 0.8A
Output POE method positive 4,5; return 7,8
Thernet ESD/Surge Protection +/-15kV
Outdoor Version Information
Dimensions 315x25.8x24.8 mm
Weight 0.3kg
Temperature Operation -30 to +70C
Output Thernet Cable Shielded CAT5, 10 cm


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