INS-8023AF-I 802.3AF voltage step-down Adapter for any POE: Indoor version - Ubiquiti

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Instantly transform any POE device into a fully 48V 802.3af compliant product
Instant 802.3af is ideal for use with Ubiquiti's family of Airmax and 802.11a/b/g ISP products.

Step-down voltage on 48-volt POE switch-port to 24-volts. 48-volts enables long cable runs but is too much voltage for Ubiquiti gear and most other wireless APs and CPE.

  • This item is available in both indoor and outdoor versions: See link to outdoor version in Related Products tap
  • Longer 48V cable runs capable because of increased efficiency of power delivery (less current)
  • Additional 15kV of ethernet isolation and ESD/Surge protection to device
  • Works seamlessly with Cisco Catalyst and other 802.3af Switches for remote power control
Technical Specs:

Electrical Information
Input 48V, 802.3af (with sensing capability)
Output 16V, 0.8A
Output POE method positive 4,5; return 7,8
Thernet ESD/Surge Protection +/-15kV
Indoor Version Information
Dimensions 27x21.5x93.5 mm
Weight 0.2kg
Temperature Operation 0 to 70C


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