Antenna 2.4GHz w/ MMCX mini-OmniDirectional WiFi, BlueTooth


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Mobile/Portable Antenna: 1.5 dbi 2.4GHz
  • Omni Mobile / Portable antenna: 1.5 dbi
  • Plugs directly into the MMCX jack of Senao, Engenius, Cisco Abocom /Symbol wireless card.
  • MMCX connector plugs into card jack
  • Tight fit protects antenna jack & connector
  • Data Alliance's high-quality soldered terminations of MMCX connectors with soldering provide a low-loss connection with discontinuities kept to a minimum.

CARRY ANYWHERE: Fits in a small pocket of your PDA case or Laptop bag.

USE IT ANYWHERE: So low profile that you can use it wherever you use your wireless card: Car, classroom, library, coffee shop - anywhere!

IMPROVE SIGNAL by having a vertical antenna: "Vertical polarity" of your antenna (vs. the horizontal polarity of antennas inside most WiFi cards) adds much more signal gain!

HIGH RESILIENCY AGAINST WEAR: The MMCX connector attaches the antenna tightly to the wireless card - and you can remove and attach this connector as often as you wish without causing damage to the connector or to your Cisco, Senao or Engenius wireless card's jack.


The table below includes WiFi /wireless cards and other devices that have MMCX connectors.


Compatible with (fits) all of the following wireless cards with MMCX antenna jacks:

Brand SKU / Part # Name / Description
Abocom WB 1500S Wireless network card: PCMCIA
Abocom WB 1500SH Wireless network card: PCMCIA
Cisco / Aironett AIR-LMC352 Cisco Aironet 350 Wireless PC Card
EnGenius / Senaoo EL-2511CD PLUS EnGenius Long Range Wireless PC Card
 w/ 2 Antenna Jacks
EnGenius / Senaoo SL-2511CD2 Plus EnGenius Long Range Wireless PC Card
 w/ 2 Antenna Jacks
Proximm RL/2 Proxim RL/2 PC Card
Samsungg SWL-2100E PC Card
Senao/Engeniuss SL-2511CD Plus Wireless network card: PCMCIA
Senao/Engeniuss SL-2511CD2 Plus Wireless network card: PCMCIA
Symboll WEAP2011BK Symbol PC Card
Ubiquiti SRC Wireless network card: PCMCIA: 300mW


Omni Mobile Antenna: 1.5 dbi 2.4GHZ

Magnetic Mount antenna sits on top of automobile, boat, or other metal surface, where it can pick up more access points. (Click here to see antennas for car-top, desktop and wall-mount [indoor-outdoor])

Brand new, high quality connector from ISO 9001 facilities. Lightweight and PORTABLE! Perfect for Wardriving.

Compliant with 802.11b & 802.11g (North America and Europe).


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