Insertion Tools for U.FL & MHF4: Push/Pull Connector to/from Jack


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Insertion Tools for U.FL & MHF4

Push/Pull Tool for insertion & removal of connectors from jack:

We offer two tool options: One is for working with U.FL connectors and one is for working with MHF4 connectors: Please observe the photo that shows the two tool versions in a side-by-side comparison, and note that the U.FL tool is quite a bit larger at the end that the connector fits into.

If you work with U.FL and/or MHF4 connectors, connecting and disconnecting the antenna cable connectors from the jack, you know that they are difficult to connect and disconnect properly without damaging the cable or jack. This tool enables you to connect/insert and remove/disconnect easily, without causing any damage to the power cable, connector or jack.

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