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Antenna: 2.4GHz 5dBi Weatherproof IP67. Cable to RP-SMA or U.FL. Thru-Hole Mount

  • Ceiling-mountable WiFi antenna: Black and white options.  Waterproof antenna with through-hole screw-mount enables mounting on a ceiling panel or any other type of panel (such as drywall) that you can drill a hole through.
  • Ceiling-mountable WiFi / Bluetooth 2.4GHz antenna:  Mountable on ceiling or wall panel by screw mount so that the antenna faces down from the ceiling, or horizontally from the wall.
  • Radiation Patterns:  H-Plane and E-Plane
  • Schematic drawing of this directional puck-style antenna
  • We can customize the cable-length for large orders
  • SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) test and S11 test
0.20 LBS
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