Fiberglass Antenna Mount Kit Mast Pole & U-Bolts


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Fiberglass Antenna Mount Kit Mast Pole & U-Bolts

Chrome base fits most of our fiberglass omni-directional antennas (see list below):

  • Mount / mast / pole, combined with U-bolt kit, enables you to attach the antenna-mount to a pole, or other fixed object such as a rail, gutter or window sill. The chrome base is 9 inches tall / long.
  • Typical application is for mounting outdoor antennas for Helium miner or LoRaWAN hotspot.

U-bolt mounting hardware for pole-mounting: See photos

  • U-bolt set: Inner diameter: 2 1/8" Outer diameter: 2 " - ThIs U-bolts set will accommodate a mast diameter up to 2 1/8"
  • Chrome Base Tube: Outer diameter: 1¼"

Compatible with all of these omnidirectional fiberglass antennas: