L-Mount for Antenna w/ N-female: Pole or Wall Mounting Bracket w/ screws


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N-female connector fits perfectly in the hole on the shelf, so that you can secure the antenna on the shelf/bracket, using the N-female bulkhead nut to bolt the antennas onto the shelf.  This option for securing the antenna works for antennas that have have either an N-female or N-male connector:  If the antenna has an N-male, you mount the N-female cable with bulkhead on this mount, and then screw the antenna onto the N-female to secure it.

Of course, this mount can be used for other applications that do not involve an N-connector.

Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Stainless steel mounting bracket.  SEE ALSO our OTHER L-MOUNTS.

The version for N-female comes with set-screws kit to secure the mount to a wall, car fender or other surface.  The version with a 5/8-inch hole does not come with set-screws.

Both versions of this mount are 5cm wide.  The horizontal shelf is 4.75cm deep.  The portion that mounts to a wall or other vertical surface is also 5cm wide and 4.75cm deep.


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