L-Mount / Pole-Mount for Antenna or other device: Stainless Steel. U-bolt Option


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Stainless Steel U-bolt

If you do not choose the Ubolt option above, you get just the L-mount itself without the U-bolts, screws and pegs.

Stainless steel mounting bracket.  See also our OTHER L-MOUNTS.

Mounting-hole on the shelf is 23.2mm (0.95 inches) in diameter.  This is larger than a standard N-female connectorSome antennas with N-female connectors have an enlarged base (wider than the N-female connector) and this type of antenna fits this mount.

Of course, this mount can be used for other applications that do not involve an N-connector.


Optional stainless steel U-Bolts can be used to secure a the mount to a pole up to to 1.97-inch (50mm) outer diameter:  Choose in the options above.  

The optional U-Bolt kit includes:

The part# of the compatible U-bolt kit is UBOLTS19. 

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