Antenna 18dBi 5.8GHz 802.11N/A WiFi Long-Range Directional Yagi


1.75 LBS

18 dBi Yagi Directional Antenna: 5.7 - 5.8GHz for 802.11N/A

  • Long-range antenna for 5.8GHz WiFi / wireless networks
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Directional antenna concentrates signal strength in a narrow beam for maximum signal strength and performance over long distances. The narrow concentration enables excellent distance: A point-to-point link using two of these antennas with direct line-of-sight could transmit/receive signal over a distance of 14 miles. Can serve as access point's antenna, or attach to client/card or bridge, and point directly at the access point.

See case study/"how-to:" Network diagram & photos of network using this antenna for large estate w/outbuildings

Gain of 18-dBi +/- 1 dB measured at the connector. Beamwidth: deg. Horz.24? Vert.23?
Frequency: 5700 -5800MHz Weight: 785g
Type: YAGI - directional V.S.W.R. <1.5;1
Connector: N Female (standard type N coax connector) Wind load: 120Km/h
Polarization: Horizontal Temperature: -30?C ~ +60?C
Size: L840xW125xD75 mm
Mounting: Wall-mountable; and U-bolts included for pole mount.
                  Pole diameter should be 5cm (2-inches) or smaller.

Below Compatible cables to extend the cable or connect to an RP-SMA jack.


Connector on the antenna's pigtail: N-female

N-female connector on antenna's pigtail

Standard type N-female coax connector on the pigtail: Fits items that have a N-male connector.

GENDER DETERMINATION: Gender of N is counter-intuitive: Please observe picture & note it is correct.The gender is referring to the pins inside-not the threads. N-female has threads on outside. Click here for more details regarding N-connector gender determination.

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