airFiber AF-5G23-S45 Dish 5GHz 23dBi, Slant 45 - Ubiquiti

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The Ubiquiti Airfiber X Antenna AF-5G23-S45 is purpose-built with 45° slant polarity for seamless integration with the AF-5X by pairing the AF-5Xwith the AF-5G23-S45. AF-5G23-S45 offers 23 dBi of gain in a 378-mm diameter size. AF-5G23-S45 Features

  • 5 GHz Frequency
  • 23 dBi Gain
  • 378-mm diameter size

The AF-5X supports ± 45° slant polarization for improved noise immunity and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). It is compatible with multiple Ubiquiti antennas offering gain of 23 to 34 dBi, this capability allows it to fit into the radio mount of Ubiquiti antennas, so installation requires no special tools.

Brand Ubiquiti
Solution Antennas
Type Dish Antennas
Category AirFiber Wireless Backhaul
Series UBNT AirFiber
Frequency 5 GHz

Data Alliance's high-quality soldered terminations of connectors with soldering provide a low-loss connection with discontinuities kept to a minimum.

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