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U.FL to SMA Cables & Adapters for Antennas

Our SMA to U.FL cables' consistently low broadband VSWR, range of frequency band compatibility (from 0GHz to 11 GHz) and 50 Ohms impedance matching, makes them suitable for all the following applications:

The Coaxial Cable:   Data Alliance uses 1.13mm coax for shorter U.FL cables. Typically for longer U.FL cables we use RG174.  The 1.13mm diameter and very flexible 1.13 is sometimes a necessity - if the space is very tight inside small cases that house PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), and mini-PCI wireless cards. A third option is 1.32mm coax, which has the benefits of double-shielding (in the form of two layers of braided sliver-plated copper) for low loss, while at the same time being very thin and flexible.

  • U.FL connectors on 1.13 and 1.32 coax snap down more securely and permanently onto the jack
  • U.FL connectors on RG174 are prone to popping off the jack, unless they are glued down.  If you want RG174 for its low-loss characteristic, we recommend that you try RG174 in your application before making the decision.
  • R174 is the thickest coax that can be used with U.FL:  It is 3mm in diameter.  RG174 is far less flexible than 1.13 and 1.32, but delivers less signal loss (attenuation) than 1.32mm or 1.13mm - though RG174 is not double-shielded.

Data Alliance customizes the coax option for our customers, as needed.

We also offer adapters from U.FL to SMA male and female:  There is less signal loss when using an adapter than a cable, so an adapter is a better option if it fits with your application.

The U.FL Connector (sometimes referred to as the Ultra Miniature Connector (UMCC)) is at a right-angle in all of Data Alliance's U.FL cables, and connects the antenna cable to the U.FL connector/jack on internal mini-PCI wireless cards, and Printed Circuit boards (PCB).  The small profile and right angle of the female U.FL connector has made them an excellent choice for embedded wireless systems for Internet of Things (IoT). devices (such as Bluetooth beacons), and M2M (Machine to Machine) applications.   IoT applications typically use very small casings and enclosures and tiny connectors are required in these cramped spaces.  The male/female mated connection stands only 2.5mm high. 
The Hirose U.FL connector is one of the smallest RF connectors.  It is rated for frequencies from 0 to 6Ghz.

The mated connection is meant to be semi-permanent after mating, because snapping and unsnapping it several times will cause the female connector to wear out. It would then need to be replaced, along with the attached coaxial cable.  Data Alliance offers a tool for inserting U.FL connectors into place.

The male connector is usually soldered directly onto the circuit board as the jack: The jack is small enough to take up as little as 9mm x 9mm of space. The female connector snaps onto the male connector, secured by pressure from the metal snap structure.

U.FL to SMA antenna cables are coaxial cables characterized by their threaded, medium-sized coupling connectors made for use from DC to 11GHz. They also have consistently low broadband Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), which has made them one of the most popular cables for all manner of applications. The impedance of the U.FL to SMA series cables is 50 Ohms (this includes all three coax types 1.13. 1.32, and RG174).

The cables' range of frequency band compatibility and 50 Ohms impedance matching, makes them suitable for all the following applications:

The U.FL female connector is compatible with the antenna jacks of a variety of PCB boards and mini-PCI cards. It connects to the U.FL LP 66 cable connector common in mini-PCI wireless cards including XBee on ZigBee radios, Ubiquiti, MikroTik, and Intel PRO WiFi cards. The U.FL jack on the card makes it possible to connect a female U.FL connector to the external antenna of your mini PCI wireless card. 

The SMA Connector is a round screw type of connectors that are characterized by threaded, medium-sized coupling connectors that are suitable for frequencies of 0 GHz up to 18GHz. The antenna cable is compatible with all types of antennas including cellular voice and data, ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi and wireless networks, and WiMAX: 802.11n, 5GHz and 2.4GHz, and 900 MHz applications across a frequency range of between 0 to 18GHz.
We offer U.FL to SMA-female and U.FL to SMA-male cables.  All of our SMA-female connectors come with a brass bulkhead nut and washer, which can be used to mount the connector in the port of a case or enclosure wall:  A rubber o-ring can be added on the exterior to weatherproof and dust-proof the port, to IP68 weatherproof rating.
We offer these cables with SMA connectors either straight or right angled:  
Our U.FL connectors and SMA connectors are gold plated for minimal signal loss. 
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