U.FL-male to SMA-male Adapter: U.FL connector snaps for permanent fit


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SMA male to U.FL-male

Adapter for antenna Cable: SMA male to U.FL-male

Compatibility with wireless protocols and applications:

Rest assured; this antenna cable adapter is fully compatible with all Helium miners in Europe, including Bobcat miners, Sensecap miners, and all other Helium LongFi miners. The same goes for all our antenna cables and adapters with SMA-male connectors. This antenna cable adapter's range of frequency band compatibility (from DC 0GHz to 18GHz), consistently low broadband VSWR, and impedance matching to 50 Ohm antennas and cables make them suitable and compliant for all the above applications.

  • U.FL Connectors Characteristics The U.FL female has a socket, while the U.FL male has a pin and is the connector that is the "jack" on devices such as Bluetooth boards, ZigBee radios such as XBee, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), and internal mini-PCI wireless cards (even though the gender is male, it is the jack U.FL connector).
  • U.FL connectors are widely used in M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) wireless applications.
  • U.FL female right-angle type is the most common U.FL connector type found on U.FL cables: 95% of U.FL cables have a U.FL female right-angle connector.

Wireless IoT technologies used with U.FL adapters, cables and connectors

  • Gender Determination: Micro-connectors such as U.FL have a gender that is counter to typical RF terminology for gender, in that "jack" is more typically synonymous with "female:" A U.FL jack on a board (PCB) is the male U.FL, and the connector that mates with the jack is the female.

    • Connecting and disconnecting U.FL connectors from the jack can be a breeze with our U.FL insertion tool. This tool is designed to make the process easy and safe, preventing any cable, connector, or jack damage. With this tool, you can confidently use our adapter, knowing that it's easy to handle and won't cause any harm to your equipment. U.FL connectors, or Ultra Miniature Coax Connectors (UMCC), enable attaching the antenna to a U.FL jack/connector on PCBs: U.FL female mates with a female Hirose/U.FL jack, also known as U.FL-LP-66 jack/connector.
    • The U.FL connector is precision machined and made of gold-plated brass for low signal loss.
    • SMA female Connector Materials Composition
    • SMA Dimensions

    Insertion loss: 0.26 dB maximum

SMA Male adapter to U.FL-male connector snaps for permanent fit


Nickel-plated brass body for enhanced corrosion resistance: Nickel plating is the most weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant metal plating.

RoHS 3 and REACH compliant: All of our RF adapters and antenna cables comply with RoHS 3 and REACH restrictions regarding the content of lead and other heavy metals and toxins.