U.FL to RP-SMA female PCB mount Jack: Cable 1.5-inch Low Loss Shielded


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RP-SMA to U.FL female PCB mount Jack

  • RP-SMA jack for mounting on PCB board, with a cable to U.FL connector.
  • The cable is shielded for low signal loss.
  • The length refers to the length of the cable between the connectors (not including the connectors).
  • One end has an RP-SMA-female PCB-mount jack connector, and the other has a uFL connector.

Coaxial Cable Types for U.FL cables:

Characteristic comparison between U.FL cable types 1.13mm, 1.32mm, 1.37mm, RG174.

Compatibility with wireless standards & applications

This antenna cable adapter's range of frequency band compatibility (from 0 to 18GHz) and 50 Ohms impedance matching make them suitable and compliant for all the above applications.

Characteristics of RP SMA Female Connector

  • RP-SMA Gender Determination: Key Points
  • SMA gender is counter-intuitive: Please observe picture & note it is correct.
  • The gender is referring to the pins inside--not the threads. SMA male has threads on inside.
  • RP-SMA (reverse polarity) means that the pin and socket configuration is the opposite of what you would expect: RP-SMA female has a pin inside, and RP-SMA male has a socket inside.
  • More details regarding SMA & RP-SMA gender determination.

U.FL insertion and removal from a jack on a PCB: Mating instructions

U.FL Connectors Characteristics

  • U.FL female has a socket. U.FL male has a pin and is the connector that is the "jack" on devices such as Bluetooth boards, ZigBee radios such as XBee, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), and internal mini-PCI wireless cards (even though the gender is male, it is the jack U.FL connector).
  • U.FL connectors are widely used in M2M and IOT (Internet of Things) wireless applications.
  • The U.FL female right-angle connector is the most common type found on U.FL cables: 95% of U.FL cables have a U.FL female right-angle connector.
  • Gender Determination: Micro-connectors such as U.FL have a gender that is counter to typical RF terminology for gender, in that "jack" is more typically synonymous with "female:" A U.FL jack on a board (PCB) is the male U.FL, and the connector that mates with the jack is the female.
  • Connecting and disconnecting U.FL connectors from the jack can be a breeze with our U.FL insertion tool. This tool empowers you to connect/insert and remove/disconnect easily without causing any damage to the cable, connector, or jack. U.FL connectors, or Ultra Miniature Coax Connectors (UMCC), enable attaching the antenna to a U.FL jack/connector on PCBs: U.FL female mates with a female Hirose/U.FL jack, also known as U.FL-LP-66 jack/connector.
  • The U.FL connector is precision machined and made of gold-plated brass for low signal loss.

RoHS 3 and REACH compliant: All of our antenna cables and RF adapters comply with RoHS 3 and REACH restrictions on lead content and other heavy metals and toxins.

At Data Alliance, we take pride in our high-quality soldered terminations of U.FL and RP-SMA connectors. This meticulous soldering process ensures a low-loss connection, with discontinuities kept to a minimum. The result is a reliable and high-performing connection that you can trust, even in the most demanding applications. It's our commitment to delivering superior quality and performance.