Antenna GPS LNA Embedded: 3 Size Options. U.FL or SMA


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Antenna GPS LNA Embedded

GPS Antenna for Embedded Product Design.

  • Size options:
    • 25*25*4mm version is stronger than the 18x18x4mm version, but their technical specifications are very similar: In cases in which the specs of the two versions differ, it is noted below.
    • 35*35*4mm version is much stronger: 5dBi gain, and the cable can be 100-series double-shielded low-loss coax (equivalent to LMR-100 in quality and signal loss)
  • We offer the 25*25*4mm version in a case with magnetic mount, suitable as a vehicle-mounted antenna:
  • Customizations: Contact us for customized cable-lengths, connectors and coax type.
  • The GPS antenna has SAW to filter other signals.
  • The GPS internal antenna has a metal shield on its bottom side as a ground plane
  • Data Alliance's high-quality soldered terminations of U.FL and SMA connectors with soldering provide a low-loss connection with discontinuities kept to a minimum.




 Center Frequency


 Band Width




 Gain (Zenith)

 25x25mm Version: 5dBic(Zenith)
   (1" x 1")
 18x18mm Version: 2.5dBic(Zenith)





 Axial Ratio


 Dimension Options

 25*25*4mm and 18x18x4mm
  (1"x1"x.16") and (.70"x.70"x.16")



 Low Noise Amplifier




 Noise Figure


 Filter Insertion Loss


 Ex-band Attenuation


 Supply Voltage

 2.2~5V DC

 Current Consumption






 LMR-100 equiv double-shielded low loss


 SMAMCXFAKRA or others

 Radome Material


 Mounting Method

 Magnet and Adhesive


 Operating Temperature


 Relative Humidity

 Up to 95%

 Ingress Protection



 10 to 55Hz with 1.5mm amplitude 2hours

ROHS 3 & REACH compliant: Antenna, cable and connector are all compliant with ROHS 3 and REACH.

UL certification / rating of the flammability of the antenna housing (ABS):

  • Test Method: UL-94
  • The flame class of this ABS material is HB.

Coaxial Cable (all options are 50 Ohm impedance):

  • 1.37mm mini-coaxial cableDouble-shielded while also very thin (1.37mm outer diameter): Very flexible. We use 1.37mm coax by default and our "ready to ship" stock has 1.37mm coax. 
  • We can use 1.13mm mini-coaxial cable (by special order): This is a very thin and flexible cable, with a black jacket. When connecting U.FL connector to a jack on a miniPCI card or board, often the tight space requires the use of 1.13mm cable, because it is very thin and flexible. The very thin cable is typically needed in tight spaces inside of enclosures, so that the U.FL connector will snap down on the jack without popping off.
  • 100-series coax is double-shielded and equivalent to LMR-100 in quality and attenuation (signal loss).

All of our antennas pass QC test before we ship them.

U.FL Connector Characteristics 

  • U.FL female has a socket. U.FL male has a pin and is the connector that is the "jack" on devices such as Bluetooth boards and ZigBee radios such as XBee, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and internal mini-PCI wireless cards (even though the gender is male, it is the jack U.FL connector.
  • U.FL connectors are widely used in M2M and IOT (Internet of Things) wireless applications.
  • U.FL female right-angle type is the most common U.FL connector type found on U.FL cables: 95% of U.FL cables have a U.FL female right-angle connector.
  • Gender Determination: Micro-connectors such as U.FL have gender that is counter to typical RF terminology for gender, in that "jack" is more typically synonymous with "female:" A U.FL jack on a board (PCB) is the male U.FL, and the connector that mates with the jack is the female. 
  • Connecting and disconnecting U.FL connectors from the jack can be difficult to do properly without damaging the U.FL connector or jack. We offer a U.FL insertion tool to enable you to connect/insert and remove/disconnect easily, without causing any damage to the cable, connector or jack.
  • U.FL connector is also known as Ultra Miniature Coax Connectors (UMCC), and enables attaching antenna to a U.FL jack/connector on PCBs: U.FL female mates with a female Hi Rose/U.FL jack, also known as U.FL-LP-66 jack/connector.
  • U.FL connector is precision machined and gold-plated brass for low signal loss.

Conversion to Iridium Satellite Coverage: For all of our antennas that cover the GPS frequency 1.5GHz: We can convert the 1.5GHz GPS antenna to 1.6GHz in order to cover the Iridium (Satellite) frequency. This customization takes about 4 extra weeks in production and will increase the cost of the antenna by $1.75 per antenna.


All of our antennas pass QC test before we ship them.

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