Antenna Active GPS LNA Magnetic Mount. Cable & Connector: Customizable


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We offer the internal elements of this antenna as a separate product, for embedded product design.

Typical Application: Vehicle-mounted antenna. See SKU AGPSLNAem25.

Purchase by special order only: Contact us so that we can customize the connectors and cable lengths for you.





 Center Frequency


 Band Width









Ground Plane


The GPS antenna has SAW to filter other signals.

The GPS internal antenna has a metal shield on its bottom side as a ground plane



 Axial Ratio





 Low Noise Amplifier




 Noise Figure


 Filter Insertion Loss


 Ex-band Attenuation


 Supply Voltage

 2.2~5V DC

 Current Consumption





 Cable: Customizable

 LMR-100 equiv double-shielded low loss


 SMA, MCX, FAKRA or others

 Radome Material


 Mounting Method

 Magnet and Adhesive



 Operating Temperature


 Relative Humidity

 Up to 95%

 Ingress Protection



 10 to 55Hz with 1.5mm amplitude 2hours

UL certification / rating  of the flammability of the antenna housing (ABS):

  • Test Method:  UL-94
  • The flame class of this ABS material is HB.

Cable is double-shielded, low-loss and very flexible. The cable-type is equivalent or better than LMR-100: Coax with black jacket has the same or better signal-loss-per-meter and flexibility as LMR100, and less attenuation (signal loss) than RG174. The higher quality of the cable of this antenna translates into lower loss/better performance. These antenna cables are rated for outdoor use and are also suitable for indoor use. Recommended tightest continuous bend radius is 1.1 inch (28mm).

SMA Connector Characteristics:

Data Alliance's high-quality soldered terminations of SMA and MCX connectors with soldering provide a low-loss connection with discontinuities kept to a minimum.


All of our antennas pass QC test before we ship them.

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