Combo Antenna  2.4GHz Dual-Band WiFi, Bluetooth: 2 Cables to RP-SMA or SMA


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Combo Antenna 2.4GHz Dual-Band WiFi, Bluetooth: 2 Cables to RP-SMA or SMA

Omni-Directional Dual-band MIMO Antenna. A two-cable multiband antenna that provides coverage for two different wireless devices.

  • Two antennas in one: Has two internal antennas and two cables / connectors:
  • Use for two WiFi connections or WiFi + Bluetooth: Comes with two cables / connectors
    • We have two LTEx2 versions: larger & smaller
    • Inquire with customer service for other options.
    • Use for any of the following combinations:
    • WiFi 2.4 ~ 2.5GHz + WiFi
    • WiFi+Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth x 2
    • Has two antenna cables to RP-SMA or SMA
  • WiFi / Bluetooth antenna has two internal antennas, and has two separate antenna cables for auxiliary (backup); both cables terminate with SMA-male connectors (we can customize connectors for large orders).
  • We can customize cable-length for large orders.
  • Puck style, permanent mount
  • Typically used as vehicle antenna (cars, trucks) but useful and applicable for many applications.

For business customers that need to order less than ten samples for testing, please contact Customer Service

Mounting / Installation Options: Through-hole Mount also called Screw Mount.

  • If mounted on a locked enclosure, it cannot be removed by vandal / thief because the nut for the screw-mount is on the inside.

Compatibility with wireless standards & applications:

Beamwidth: H-Plane: 360-degrees: The two internal omni-directional antennas receive and send signals from 360 degrees all around.


  • 2.4 - 2.5GHz
  • 5.1 - 5.9GHz
  • 2dBi at 2.4GHz
  • 2dBi at 5GHz

ROHS 3 & REACH compliant: Antenna, cable and connector are all compliant with ROHS 3 and REACH.

Cable is double-shielded, low-loss and very flexible. The cable-type is equivalent or better than LMR-100: Coax with black jacket has the same or better signal-loss-per-meter and flexibility as LMR100, and less attenuation (signal loss) than RG174. The higher quality of the cable of this antenna translates into lower loss/better performance. These antenna cables are rated for outdoor use and are also suitable for indoor use. Recommended tightest continuous bend radius is 1.1 inch (28mm).

  • RP SMA and SMA Connector Characteristics and Key Information
  • SMA male and RP SMA male Connector Materials Composition

Mounts directly onto SMA & RP-SMA (female) connector of access point, bridge , USB WiFi adapter, or booster. See other magnetic bases that fit this antenna and have antenna cables with other types of connectors .


All of our antennas pass QC test before we ship them.

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