RP-SMA male Right Angle To SMA female straight Cable: 2-inch 3" 5" 6" 7" 3FT 3.75FT


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RP-SMA male Right Angle To SMA female straight Cable

Antenna Cable / Adapter Cable: SMA Female (regular straight type) to RP-SMA Male Right-Angle: Double-shielded cable.

  • Choose between length options: Various 2-inch and up. The length refers to the length of the cable between the connectors (not including the connectors).
  • One end has an RP-SMA-male right-angle type connector, and the other end has an SMA-female connector, regular straight type, and with bulkhead mount (nut and washer).
  • If the part number ends with 5, the flange (on the female end) is 5/16" in diameter (and has no embedded o-ring). If the part number ends with 7, the flange is 7/16" in diameter and comes with an embedded black o-ring: See photo of the flange options.
  • See details regarding the SMA female connector below on this page: Weatherproofing, mounting, and length options.
  • Data Alliance's high-quality soldered terminations of RP-SMA and SMA connectors with soldering provide a low-loss connection with discontinuities kept to a minimum.

Antenna Cable Coax is double-shielded, low-loss and very flexible. The cable-type is equivalent or better than LMR-100: Coax with black jacket has the same or better signal-loss-per-meter and flexibility as LMR100, and less attenuation (signal loss) than RG174. The higher quality of the cable of this antenna translates into lower loss/better performance. Rated for outdoor use and are also suitable for indoor use. Recommended tightest bend radius is 1 inch (28mm).

Comparing coaxial cables LMR-100 and RG-174

Compatibility with wireless standards & applications: Our SMA to RP-SMA cables' range of frequency band compatibility (from 0GHz to 18GHz), consistently low broadband VSWR, and impedance matching to 50 Ohm cables, makes them compatible, suitable and compliant for all the following applications:

SMA & RP-SMA Connector Characteristics and Details

SMA Female Version Options SMA Elongated
The version of the SMA female connector on the left has an embedded o-ring, together with a wider flange, for more secure protection against intrusion of water and/or dust and dirt. It is available for some of our "stocked" SMA cable versions, and others by special order. The longer SMA-female version (top in photo) has a 14.5mm threaded section. It is available for some of our "stocked" SMA cable versions, and others by special order.


SMA female connector includes a bulkhead nut and washer:

  • This can be used to mount the connector (and thus the cable) on the wall of a network enclosure (to weatherproof the cable connection), or mount the connector on a case, panel or Printed Circuit Bard (PCB).
  • Weatherproofing: Seal the hole where the female connector is mounted, by placing an O-ring between the wall of the enclosure and the bulkhead nut & washer on the female connector.
  • All of our cables with SMA and RP-SMA female connectors have bulkhead mount hardware.
  • The length of our standard SMA-female connector (threaded part) is 3/8 inches. We have a longer option: 14.5mm, which is available as an option. The longer 14.5mm option has an O-ring embedded in the flange to waterproof the port where the cable enters a network enclosure.
  • SMA male and RP SMA female features and key information, including dimensions and materials composition.

SMA connector description.

  • SMA & RP-SMA Gender Determination: Key Points
    • SMA gender is counter-intuitive: Please observe picture & note it is correct.
    • The gender is referring to the pins inside--not the threads. SMA male has threads on inside.
    • RP-SMA (reverse polarity) means that the pin and socket configuration is the opposite of what you would expect: RP-SMA female has a pin inside, and RP-SMA male has a socket inside.
    • More details regarding SMA & RP-SMA gender determination.

RoHS 3 and REACH compliant : All of our antenna cables and RF adapters are lead-free and compliant with RoHS 3 and REACH.

The temperature range for operational use of this 100-series coax and the cable assembly, is: -22 F ~ +185 F (-30 C ~ +85 C)

Torque Ratings Reverse Polarity RP-SMA Male to SMA


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