N-male to N-female Right-Angle Adapter Cable Coupler


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N FEMALE To N MALE with a Right Angle

  • Allows interconnection of devices with N-type antenna cable connectors: Antennas, antenna cables and wireless devices.
  • Use for Coaxial extension, coaxial interface conversion, coax retrofit applications
  • Gold plated center contact for reduced signal loss.
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor applications.

This antenna cable adapter's range of frequency band ;compatibility (from 0 to 18GHz) and 50 Ohms impedance matching, makes them suitable and compliant for all the following applications:

  • WiFi (WLAN): Suitable for WiFi and WiMax networks:  Wi-Fi 6, WiFi 6E, 802.11AX, 802.11N, AC, G, A, B. 900MHz, 2.4GHz & 5GHz applications. One of the typical applications of Type-N adapters, connectors and cables is in Wi-Fi technology.  Devices (operating on IEEE 802.11 standards (such as 802.11ax, 802.11ac, g, n, and b  ) often have N-type-female connectors for external antennas, especially for outdoor applications.
  • Cellular Wireless LTE / 4G, GSM / 3G WiMax, 5G: Data and voice applications
  • IoT wireless, automation Machine to Machine (M2M): Bluetooth, ;ZigBee, RFID, LoRa, LTE-m, NB-IoT.

The N (male) end of this adapter is knurled and fits most large antennas: N is the largest of RF connector types, and very common to see on large antennas - especially outdoor antennas. Our N-type connectors are rated up to 12.5GHz, making them usable in not just WiFi applications, but also in the higher end of the microwave spectrum. Most large antennas have an N-female connector. N-female diameter is 0.620-inch (1.57 cm).

Adapter materials composition:

RoHS and REACH compliant: All of our antenna cables and RF adapters are from of heavy metals and compliant with RoHS and REACH.

Gender Determination:

The gender is referring to the coaxial-cable pins on the inside-not to the threads.

  • N female ;has threads on outside.
  • N male has threads on inside.


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