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Ubiquiti Toughcable Ethernet Cable & Connectors

ToughCable and connectors are better compared to other Ethernet cable brands because of their weather tolerant, long lasting design and their capacity to protect a network against electrostatic discharge. 

There are two types of TOUGHCables namely;
• CARRIER Shielding Protection
• PRO Shielding Protection 

TOUGHCable CARRIER is an outdoor carrier-class shielded cable that has an anti-crosstalk divider, integrated ElectroStatic Shock protection, and is rated to offer ideal performance on Gigabit Ethernet networks. TOUGHCable PRO, on the other hand, is an outdoor, carrier-class shielded and is fitted with electrostatic discharge protection.

ToughCable Carrier is not CAT6 as many people perceive it. It has at least some features of a CAT6 cable like insulation between pairs which makes many people confuse it as CAT6. Terminating CAT6 is harder compared to ToughCable Carrier CAT6. Both types of cables are CAT5e.

There are two types of ToughCable connectors namely;
  • TC-CON 
  • TC-GND
Both TC-CON TC-GND are compatible with ToughCable Pro is used with ToughCable Carrier while . The connectors should be strictly used with their respective cables only. TC-GND connectors provide ElectroStatic Shock protection and prevent damage to Ethernet hardware. The connectors don’t require soldering which allows fast deployment.
Ubiquiti Networks provides innovative technology platforms and products for Smarthome, Internet access, and Enterprise applications. Some of the products supplied by this company are Ubiquiti Toughcable: Ethernet Cable & Connectors.
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