BNC female to RP-SMA female Cable: 1.64FT


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BNC female to RP-SMA female Cable

Cable: RP-SMA-female connector to BNC female: One end has an RP-SMA-female connector (also known as SMA Reverse Polarity) and the other end has a BNC (female) connector.

The length refers to the length of the cable between the connectors (not including the connectors). Cable is double-shielded, low-loss and very flexible/easily bendable. Coaxial cable type is similar to LMR-100 but better quality than LMR100: Coax with black jacket has the same or better signal-loss-per-meter and flexibility as LMR100, and less attenuation (signal loss) than RG174. The higher quality of this cable translates into lower loss/better performance. Cable is equivalent to LMR-100 in thickness. This cable is rated for outdoor use and is also suitable for indoor use.

The temperature range for operational use of this 100-series coax and the cable assembly, is: -22 F ~ +185 F (-30 C ~ +85 C)

RP-SMA is a round screw-type connector, with medium-sized, threaded coupling connectors that are rated for frequencies from the lowest (DC) up to 18GHz: This antenna cable is compliant for all types of wireless antennas, including WiFi & WiMAX networks: 802.11N, AC, G, A, B. 900MHz, 2.4GHz & 5GHz applications, as well as any other frequency between 0 and 18GHz.

RP-SMA female connector is also called "jack" and RP-SMA-male is also called "plug" and comes with a bulkhead nut and washer:

  • You can use this to mount the connector (and thus the cable) on the wall of an enclosure (to weatherproof the cable connection), case or Printed Circuit Board (PCB).
  • Weatherproofing: Seal the hole where the female connector is mounted, by placing an O-ring between the wall of the enclosure and the bulkhead nut & washer on the female connector.
  • The length of our standard SMA-female connector (threaded part) is 3/8 inches (9.525mm). We have a longer option: 14.5mm, which we can use for special-order cable requests.
  • All of our cables with SMA and RP-SMA female connectors have bulkhead mount hardware.

Lead-free and ROHS compliant: The entire product is ROHS compliant (connectors and cable).

BNC cables for Video and Audio are 75 Ohm: See our BNC cables for Video and Audio:

BNC cables for wireless applications are 50 Ohm: See our 50 Ohm BNC cables for wireless applications

  • All of our 50 Ohm BNC cables for wireless applications have "50 Ohm" mentioned in the title of the product page.

BNC is a round connector with slotted mating collar. Quick-disconnect connector for coaxial cable: it is not only used for Wireless Antenna extensions, but also for video, audio, and networking coax applications.

Impedance-matched to 50 ohm antennas and cables.

Data Alliance's high-quality soldered terminations of BNC and RP-SMA connectors with soldering provide a low-loss connection with discontinuities kept to a minimum.

Cable assemblies such as this are sometimes referred to as "pigtails".

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