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Data Alliance is a distributor of WiFi and wired network equipment: We have shipped to over 110,000 customers in 95 countries (primarily in the US, Mexico, and Canada). We produce our own line of antenna cables and perform specialty manufacturing of power cable products including wire harness. Our HQ location is in southern Arizona, and we have a subsidiary company in Mexico.

Distributing Ubiquiti since 2006 (one of the first) and Alfa since 2007 (we're their original distributor).


CUSTOMER-SERVICE by phone without voicemail loops.
  • Pro-active Customer Service:
  • If anything would prevent your order from being shipped (backorder or payment issue), we'll contact you right away
  • Constant updating of stock status on our website so that the info is accurate: If an item is out of stock, we provide an ETA on the product page
  • Customer Service speaks English and habla Español.
  • Customer orders, tickets / RMA, and shipping records are organized & linked in an integrated database so that we can rapidly recognize your needs and record of purchases from us.
  • Never have / never will send spam mail to our customers or share your information.
  • See complete policies & information about transaction security measures in place on this website & our office.
  • All customer information is kept strictly secure & confidential.
  • Just in case you still are uncomfortable, you can checkout via a third-party system: PayPal Express Checkout
  • We do not exaggerate or lie about product specifications, as is so common among Wireless equipment online-retailers: Many WiFi equipment retailers that target only retail customers who are new WiFi users (i.e., on eBay) lie outright about the gain (dBi) of their antennas: A common example: They say that 9dBi antennas are 12dBi antennas.
  • Data Alliance is long established selling to technical customers, consultants, large businesses and governments - as well as to retail customers including new users: Because we sell to technical users and technical consultants as a major part of our customer base, you know that you will find factual specifications on every page.
  • All products that we carry meet our high standards of quality, and as we find higher-quality replacements for certain stock-items (at or near the same price-point) we replace those items with higher-quality versions.
    for Wireless ISPs, Integrators, city governments, property companies, resorts:

    Data Alliance serves as their "virtual warehouse" because we are reliable in stocking the wide variety of items that they need, and we ship the same day - even orders placed in the late afternoon.

  • Ubiquiti & MikroTik: Data Alliance carries the entire Ubiquiti product line, in stock in the United States & México.
  • We typically have stock of hard-to-find Ubiquiti & MikroTik items when there is none available from any other source.
  • Major cash flow benefit for the customer:  They order stock as they need it & only have to stock what they need for a day or few days.
  • If stock are getting scarce, we give them preferential treatment:  We'll hold stock for them.
  • Our shipping is always the same day.
  • Volume pricing for all items that they purchase.
  • We spend our time and resources to make sure that we have the stock on hand to anticipate their needs - so they don't have to spend time trying to find who's got stock.
  • One of our WISP customers credits Data Alliance for enabling them to expand their WISP much faster because they can depend on getting the equipment that they need without a wait, and without paying second day shipping fees because we are close by and always ship the same day.
Custom-manufacturing and assembly: We are the "go to guys" for a number of clients that provide us a description of their need (fully developed description or not fully developed), and we provide the solution to meet their satisfaction and cost parameters: