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USB Extension Cables

Active USB Extension Cables Overcome Distance Limitation

USB extension cables help us to overcome the connectivity and distance limitations imposed by USB Cables. A Standard USB cables have a restriction of 5 meters (or about 16 feet and 5 inches). If you want to go beyond this limitation, you can use an Active USB extension cable as the solution.

Active USB cables have a repeater(s) that enable lengths up to 80 feet. Active USB cables can be chained together up to 196 feet which is around four active extension cables. However, even with the convenience of extending peripheral device it offers, you need to be careful to avoid losing crucial data or damaging your USB device.

Active USB extension cables do not enable the DC power to be extended up to the total length of the Active USB cable chain. When using this setup, you have to observe cautiousness because you increase the chance of loss of signal and ability to carry DC power-current also diminishes with the length of USB cable.

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