DustCap cover for RP-TNC / TNC male w/ Chain. Nickel Weatherproof


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DustCap cover for RP-TNC / TNC male w/ Chain.

Dust cover for RP-TNC-female and TNC-female

This nickel-plated dustcap comes with an interior O-ring to completely seal out water and dust intrusion. Nickel-plating is the most robust corrosion protective type of metal plating: It is most effective in preventing corrosive action from rust and a range of other weather and water-related factors.

  • The red rubber dustcap is a great economical solution for preventing intrusion of dust and water.
  • Comes with a chain so that the dustcap can be attached with a screw, to a fixed object so that it will not be lost.

Dust caps are coverings that are specifically designed and fitted for radio frequency connectors. They are also known as:

  • Dust covers
  • Radio frequency dust caps
  • RF dust caps
  • Circular connector dust caps

Compliant with RoHs 3.

TNC and RP-TNC are round screw-type connectors, with nickel-plated brass.

  • Nickel-plated brass is the best plating-alloy for corrosion-resistance.
  • TNC and RP-TNC are similar to BNC except that whereas BNC has a slotted mating collar, RP-TNC has a screw-down type connector. TNC and RP-TNC's screw-down connector performs better than BNC in the microwave spectrum.
  • RP=Reverse Polarity. Gender of RP-TNC and TNC are counter-intuitive.
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