HIgh Gain Combo Multiple LTE & WiFi Antennas + GPS


1.00 LBS
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1 unit
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High Gain Combination Antenna with up to 7 internal antennas:

Configuration options include multiple LTE and/or Wi-Fi antennas + Active GPS

  • We offer the various antenna models described on this page by special order only, because there are so many configuration options that we have to configure per-order.  Minimum qty: 20.  Contact Customer Service.
  • Mounting options: Through-hole mount (M2 screw mount), magnetic mount, adhesive mount, L-bracket or M-bracket.
  • Suitable for high-vibration environment.  Explosion-proof.
  • We wll customize the cable lengths and connectors to meet your specific requirements

Customized per order for up to seven internal antennas, including MIMO configurations

  • Can be customized for large orders into various versions, including the following as examples:
  • Cables and connectors are customized per order (for sample orders or large orders).

Compatibility with wireless standards & applications:

Conversion to Iridium Satellite Coverage: For all of our antennas that cover the GPS frequency 1.5GHz: We can convert the 1.5GHz GPS antenna to 1.6GHz in order to cover the Iridium (Satellite) frequency. This customization takes about 4 extra weeks in production and will increase the cost of the antenna by $1.75 per antenna.

This omni directional antenna's range of frequency band compatibility in the 700 MHz to 2700 MHz frequency band range, its low broadband VSWR, and impedance matching to 50 Ohm gear, makes it suitable and compliant for all the above applications.

Mounting / Installation Options:

  • Through-hole Mount also called Screw Mount, using a M20 screw mount.
  • Adhesive Mount
  • Magnetic mount with the capability to remain fixed with a 7 KG horizontal thrust, or a 10 KG vertical pull.
  • Bracket mounting options include L-bracket and M-bracket mounts
  • Can be mounted on:
    • Can mount on a fender, or other vertical object.
    • Wall or side an enclosure.
    • If mounted on a locked enclosure, it cannot be removed by vandal / thief because the nut for the screw-mount is on the inside.

Features & applications


Frequency range: LTE  600 to 6000 MHz
Frequency range: WiFi  2.4~2.5 GHz
Frequency range: GPS  1575.42~1602MHz
VSWR:  WiFi & GPS <2.0

 Cellular:  3-6 dBi

 WiFi:        4-6dBi

 GPS:         28dBi

Radiation:  Omni Directional (360 degree beamwidth)
Impedance:  50 Ohm
Polarization:  Vertical.  GPS RHCP
Connector Types  Default: SMA for LTE & GPS.  RP-SMA for  WiFi.  These can be customized.
  • Height:  4.5 inch (113mm) 
  • Thickness: 1.93 inches (0.49mm)
ROHS & REACH Heavy metal content and other material content is in compliance with ROHS 3 and REACH ( connector and antenna).
Housing material  PC+ABS.
Waterproof level  IP-68
Operating Temp  -40C ~ +85C
Magnetic mount  Horizontal thrust:  7 KG  
Magnetic mount Vertical pull strength:  10 KG

Coaxial Cable Configuration / Options

  • LTE and WiFi internal antennas:   For a three cable configuration (or less) we can use LMR-200-equivalent coax to the connector of your choice for the LTE and WiFi antennas.  For configurations of more than three internal antennas (and three cables), we may have to use LMR-100-equivalent for some of the cables.   
  • GPS internal antenna:  We use LMR-100 by default, which is the lowest-loss coax that we can use for the GPS antenna cable.  We can't use LMR-200 for this cable.  We can use RG-174.

Shield Characteristic between LMR-100 and LMR-200 coaxial cable type



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