Antenna 4G LTE 700-960 / 1700-2700 MHz 2dBi Outdoor Weatherproof. SMA


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LTE Antenna:  700-960 0dBi / 1700-2700MHz 2dBi ¼ Wave

with SMA-male Connector

  • Dual-Band in the LTE / 4G frequencies: Covers worldwide LTE,4G,3G and GSM bands including 700/800/900/1800/2100 and 2700 MHz for LTE, Cellular, GSM and UMTS (3G) operation..
  • Also suitable for LTE-m
  • 4G LTE terminal groundplane independent dipole antenna made of sturdy ABS.
  • Designed for fixed and mobile 4G LTE terminal products such as routers, modems and gateways.
  • Radiates signal with a beam of 360 degrees; also receives signal from 360 degrees around it
    • As client antenna: Connect to access points in any direction. Portable size: Easily fits in laptop case
    • As access point antenna: Provides signal to clients in all directions (360-degree horizontal beamwidth)
  • Very similar to Siretta Delta 1-A in specifications and form factor.

Compatibility with wireless standards & applications:

  • LTE / 4G & GSM /3G: Broadband design for 4G / LTE and 3G / GSM systems: 4G networks
    • GSM is 3G wireless (Global System for Mobile Communication)
    • US domestic LTE: 700 MHz band: AT&T Mobility, Verizon.
    • Global LTE: 2600 MHz band (2.6GHz)
    • GSM bands 824-894 and 1850.2 - 1909.8 (US and Latin America / Mexico)
  • 900MHz ISM Band. Can also be made to operate on other VHF and UHF frequencies within the ISM frequency bands.
    • Non Line of Sight (NLOS): 900 MHz band is best for passing through trees and forests.
  • IoT wireless & M2M: Compatible with many machine to machine communication applications, remote monitoring, and telemetry applications using LTE-m, 4G / LTE, 3G / GSM, LoRa. (Compatible because it is vertically polarized).
  • WiMAX frequency bands 2300 MHz / 2500 MHz / 2600 MHz (2.3GHz, 2.5GHz, 2.6GHz)

This omni directional antenna's range of frequency band compatibility in the 700 MHz to 2700 MHz frequency band range, its low broadband VSWR, and impedance matching to 50 Ohm gear, makes it suitable and compliant for all the above applications.

Frequencies 700-960/1700-2700MHz
Gain by Band 700-960 0dBi / 1700-2700MHz 2dBi
VSWR <=2.5:1
Impedance 50 Ohm        50Ω
Polarization Vertical
Connector SMA male
Radome Material ABS
Dimensions L61 x W8 x H8 mm
Operating Temp. -20°C ~+60°C 
Storage Temperature -30°C ~+75°C 
ROHS 3 & REACH Antenna and connector are compliant

SMA Connector Characteristics:

Mount Options:

  • With SMA-male connector they can be easily mounted to an L-mount (for wall or pole-mounting) or enclosure to give total wireless coverage.
  • Mount on our L-mount options by inserting the SMA female connector of your SMA cable into the L-mount from the bottom, screwing the antenna and cable together, and securing with the bulkhead, nut and washer on the SMA cable.


All of our antennas pass QC test before we ship them.


  1. Wide Frequency Range: The Siretta Delta 1-A antenna covers a broad frequency range, making it suitable for various wireless communication technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and even emerging 5G networks. This versatility ensures that the antenna can adapt to evolving technology standards.

  2. High Gain: The antenna boasts high gain, which translates to improved signal strength and extended coverage. Whether you are in a challenging urban environment or a remote rural location, the Delta 1-A antenna can help you establish a strong and reliable connection.

  3. Compact Design: One of the standout features of this antenna is its compact design. It's small and unobtrusive, making it ideal for applications where space is limited. This design also contributes to its ease of installation.

  4. Robust Build: The Siretta Delta 1-A antenna is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It is often rated for outdoor use, with a durable housing that can endure exposure to the elements.

  5. Multiple Mounting Options: Whether you need to mount the antenna on a wall, pole, or another surface, the Delta 1-A offers various mounting options to suit your needs. This flexibility ensures that it can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure.

  6. High-Quality Connectors: The antenna is equipped with high-quality connectors, ensuring low signal loss and reliable connections. This is crucial for maintaining a strong and consistent wireless link.

Most Typical Applications:

  1. IoT: IoT devices often rely on wireless communication, and theALO2S antenna can improve the connectivity and data transmission of these devices, whether they are deployed in smart cities, agriculture, or industrial settings.

  2. Industrial IoT Equipment: In industrial environments where wireless connectivity is crucial for monitoring and control systems, this antenna can ensure a robust and consistent connection.

The Data Alliance ALO2S antenna is a versatile and high-performance solution for improving wireless connectivity in a wide range of applications. Its wide frequency range, high gain, compact design, and durability make it a reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're looking to boost cellular signals, enhance IoT connectivity, or improve wireless communication in challenging environments, this antenna has the features and capabilities to meet your needs. As we continue to rely on wireless technology for our daily lives, having a dependable antenna like the Data Alliance ALO2S is an investment in better and more reliable connectivity.

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