RP-SMA male Right Angle To SMA male straight: 10-inch, 1FT, 14-inch Cable


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    Very well made

    Posted by Unknown on 15th May 2017

    These cables are excellent quality! I use them for my wifi amplifiers and the 90 degree connection allows a perfect fit. As always, fast shipping, and data alliance has exceptional customer service in my experience.

RP-SMA male Right Angle To SMA male straight

Antenna Cable / Adapter Cable: RP-SMA Male right to SMA male (regular straight type): Double-shielded cable.

  • One end has an RP-SMA-male right-angle type connector, and the other end has an SMA-male connector, regular straight type.
  • The length refers to the cable size between the connectors (not including the connectors).
  • Our product stands out with its exceptional features. The RP-SMA and SMA connectors are meticulously soldered, ensuring a connection with minimal loss and discontinuities. The double-shielded, low-loss, and highly flexible cable further amplifies its performance and durability, making it a dependable choice for wireless applications.

Antenna Cable Coax is double-shielded, low-loss, and very flexible. The cable type is equivalent to or better than LMR-100: Coax with black jacket has the same signal-loss-per-meter and flexibility as LMR100 and less attenuation (signal loss) than RG174. The higher quality of the cable of this antenna translates into lower loss/better performance. They are rated for outdoor use and are also suitable for indoor use. The recommended tightest bend radius is 1 inch (28mm).


Our 100-series coax and cable assembly are not just any cables. They are designed with versatility, ready to adapt to various environments with an operational temperature range of -22 F ~ +185 F (-30 C ~ +85 C).

Our product is designed to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of wireless standards and applications. From 0GHz to 18GHz, it maintains a consistently low broadband VSWR and impedance matching to 50 Ohm cables, making it suitable for all the following applications:


SMA & RP-SMA Gender Determination: Key Points

SMA male vs RP-SMA male comparison

  • SMA gender is counter-intuitive: Please observe the picture & note it is correct.
  • The gender refers to the pins inside, not the threads. An SMA male has threads on the inside.
  • Understanding the gender determination of SMA and RP-SMA connectors is crucial. RP-SMA (reverse polarity) means that the pin and socket configuration is the opposite of what you would expect: RP-SMA female has a pin inside, and RP-SMA male has a socket inside. This knowledge will help you make the right choice for your wireless applications.
  • More details regarding SMA & RP-SMA gender determination.


SMA-male has a pin inside the connector body

Other SMA & RP-SMA Characteristics and Key Points

    • The SMA female connector is also called "jack," and the SMA male is called "plug." The same holds for RP-SMA females and males.
    • We offer an SMA wrench to assist in installing antennas, cables, and adapters with SMA or RP-SMA connector(s).
    • SMA-female connector fits items that have an SMA-male connector.
    • SMA and RP-SMA are round screw-type connectors with medium-sized, threaded coupling connectors rated for frequencies from the lowest (DC) up to 18GHz.

We maintain quality regarding the composition of our RP-SMA and SMA connectors. They are precision machined and gold-plated, ensuring low loss and high durability. This attention to detail sets our cable apart, giving you the confidence that it will deliver optimal performance for your wireless applications.

  • Connector Body: Gold Plated Brass
  • Center Contact: Beryllium Copper, Gold Plated
  • Crimp Ferrule: Copper, Nickel Plated
  • Insulators: PTFE
  • Precision machined for low loss in ISO 9001 facilities

RP-SMA and SMA cable connector composition description.

Please don't worry; our antenna cables and RF adapters fully comply with RoHS 3 and REACH restrictions. This means they meet the highest standards for lead content and other heavy metals and toxins, ensuring the safety of your wireless applications.