Nova Labs (Helium Network) Antennas: Cables, Mounts, Weatherproofing Upgrades

Helium 5G Network -

Gear to optimize Nova/Helium Network Hotspot range

Antenna upgrades for Helium Devices

  • Data Alliance's 915 MHz antennas and all of our antenna cables and adapters are compatible with all Helium miners, including Bobcat miners, Sensecap miners and all other Nova/Helium LongFi miners.
  • North America: Helium miners used in North America have an RP-SMA-female antenna connector: Data Alliance's 915 MHz antennas with RP-SMA connectors are all compatible with Helium miners used in North America.
  • Europe: Helium miners used in Europe have an SMA-female antenna connector: Data Alliance's 915 MHz antennas with SMA connectors are all compatible with Helium miners used in Europe.

Flat Antenna Cables to pass through window so that you can set your Helium miner outside your window, for much better range.

All of our Antenna Cables and adapters are compatible with Nova/Helium Network routers and gear.

Miner Make & Model Antenna Connector Type
Bobcat Miner 300 RP-SMA-female
RAK Hotspot Miner v2 RP-SMA-female
SenseCAP M1 Helium miner RP-SMA-female
Syncrobit SP Helium HNT miner RP-SMA-female
COTX-X3 Helium Hotspot Miner SMA-female
Kerlink Helium Hotspot Miner N-female
Wirnet iStation N-female
Nebra HNT Indoor Hotspot Miner RP-SMA-female
Nebra HNT Outdoor Hotspot Miner N-female
Syncrobit SP Helium HNT miner RP-SMA-female
Linxdot Helium Hotspot RP-SMA-female
ClodPi Pro Hotspot RP-SMA-female
LongAP Pro IoT Gateway N-female
LongAP Light IoT Gateway RP-SMA-female
VoskCoin Helium Hotspot Miner RP-SMA-female
Dragino LPS8 DLOS8 SMA-female

External antennas for Nova/Helium Network Miners / Hotspots.

A through-window coaxial cable solution is critical for connecting an outdoor LoRa antenna to an indoor Helium Miner/Hotspot.

Outdoor Helium Miners are available, but they are very expensive when compared to indoor Hotspots. The common solution is to run coax from an indoor Miner to a outdoor antenna via a window or door.

Using regular coax will lead to the cable being crushed and damaged. The correct solution for running Nova/Helium Hotspot cabling through a window or door is to use a flat coax cable.

Flat Antenna Cables

Flat coaxial cable couplers, also known as window jumpers or window entry cables enable a secure weatherproof connection to be made between an outdoor antenna and indoor radio frequency equipment like a Nova/Helium Hotspot. This means that there is no need to drill masonry to bring in antenna Cables from outside, which may not be permitted in rented accommodation.

The flat coaxial coupler has a unique structure that achieves its flattened dimensions. The coupler has within a length of extremely small diameter (mini-coax) coax cable which is insulated supported by copper beads that protect it from the pressure of the closed window or door. Two RP-SMA connectors (male to female RP-SMA connectors) are attached at either end of the flattened length. The coupler has a thickness of 4.5 millimeters (0.18 inches) and has a low signal loss. The flat antenna cable is available in 18 or 30-inch lengths. An adhesive strip on the coupler means that it can be secured to the window or door frame.

Some couplers carry an adhesive strip so that the cable coupler can be fixed to the window frame or a bulkhead connector for secure mounting if required.

Adapters and accessories for connecting an external LoRa antenna to a Nova/Helium Hotspot

Both LoRa antennas and Nova's Helium Miners use SMA antenna connectors. These are a distinct antenna connector from the RP-SMA connector that is used in the coaxial coupler. Even though these connectors look externally identical the inner mating interfaces of the RP-SMA connector are reversed. An RP-SMA to SMA adapter is therefore needed to make the correct connection. In addition, you may require:

  • SMA antenna cables: An SMA cable can be used to connect the LoRA antenna to the flat antenna cable via an adapter and a second length can be used with an adapter to connect to the Helium Miner/Hotspot.
  • Antenna mounting equipment: The external antenna will require secure mounting at height.
  • Antenna weatherproofing equipment: The antenna’s longevity will be prolonged by using suitable weatherproofing, including Coax-Seal to seal and protect the antenna connectors that are exposed outside.

RoHS Compliant:

All Nova/Helium network antennas, cables, and accessories are RoHS compliant:

Our selection of Nova/Helium compatible antennas and equipment are all compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive and equivalent domestic and international laws.

Posted by George Hardesty on 1st Nov 2023

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