Black Sealant Strips 20-pk. Seal Out Moisture. Temp: -60°F - 200°F

0.48 LBS

Black sealant strips to seal under the feet of roof antenna mounts

Broad operating temperature range. Homogeneous and non-toxic, compatible with industry standard encapsulants.

No heat or pressure bleed-down required. Remains flexible to assure long-term quality of the seal.

Provided in 1in x 1in patches, individually separated and packaged in bundles of 20 strips.


  • Temperature range: -20°F to 140°F (installation)
  • Temperature range: -60°F to 200°F (service)
  • 1in x 1in patch
  • Package of 20

Belden Kold-N-Klose® sealant TNB4012 (Manufacturer TBT11) 


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