WiFi Bridges for point-to-point links and point to multipoint links

WiFi Bridges applications

Long-distance point to point links: Ubiquiti offers several types of bridges that are excellent options:

  • The PowerBeam series is the best equipment for low-cost point-to-point links, of up to 6 miles (depending on congestion), if high throughput is not needed: One PowerBeam on each end of the link.
  • For very long-distance links (over 7 miles): Use a Ubiquiti RocketM5 with a RocketDish on each side of the link:
  • Use the 30dBi RocketDish (2-FT diameter) for less than 20 miles.
  • For more than 20 miles, use the RocketDish 34dBi, which is 3-FT in diameter.

Point-to-point bridges: Antenna-type used in a is parabolic-type antenna:

Point-to-multipoint bridges: Antenna-type used is typically sectoral or panel antenna, but Yagi antennas can be used.

  • For long point-to-point to multipoint links to end-users (such as a marina): RocketM2 with a large 2.4GHz sectoral antenna
  • For long point-to-multi-point links to locations such as a building: Use Ubiquiti RocketM5 with a large 5GHz sectoral antenna
  • Point-to-multipoint bridge using Ubiquiti NanoSation M5 (5GHz) passing signal through 3 or 4 walls in an apartment building with NanoStation M5 on each end

WiFi Bridges: Data-Alliance.net

If you are not an expert, and you are experimenting with trying to make a very long-distance link try this:

  • Use a signal booster with a high-gain antenna on one end. Test and if it's not enough signal-strength; put a high-gain antenna on both ends.
  • If it's not enough signal-strength: Put a high-gain grid antenna (such as the A24 Grid Antenna above-left) on both ends.
  • 4Gbps throughput achieved by 4x4 MIMO, Dual Link, Beamforming & "Auto Everything" technologies:
  • Range up to 100-km. Throughput over long distances of approximately 1Gbps, even with congestion in 5 GHz band
  • We can project throughput for your point-to-point link requirement

Posted by George Hardesty on 20th Aug 2022

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