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Wireless Frequencies

Ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum that are used for the transmission of signals without the use of wires. They allow wireless communication between devices such as cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other data, voice, and video transmission systems or devices.

RFID Wireless Technologies, Frequencies and Applications in IoT

George Hardesty September 20th, 2023 5 minute read IoT - Internet of Things | RFID | Wireless Frequencies

Wireless Technologies used in RFID applications RFID transmits across three main frequency ranges on the electromagnetic spectrum. The low frequency band of... more »

ISM Band of Frequencies and Allocation

George Hardesty September 19th, 2023 2 minute read Wireless Frequencies

Industrial, Scientific and Medical Frequency Band ISM means Industrial, Scientific and Medical frequency band. This is a band of radio and microwave frequencies... more »

If Antenna frequency band exceeds needed range: Use Filter on system board to reduce excess band

George Hardesty July 30th, 2023 1 minute read Antennas | Wireless Frequencies

Antenna Frequency Exceeds Range: Example: You need only 860-960 MHz GSM band but the antenna covers 800-960MHz: One customer told us that using an antenna... more »

Legal & Illegal Frequencies & Channels In the United States

George Hardesty April 11th, 2023 2 minute read Wireless Frequencies

LEGAL & ILLEGAL Frequencies 4.9GHz to 5.825 (United States only) Channel Frequency United States (MHz) 40/20 MHz 183 4915 ILLEGAL 184 4920 ILLEGAL 185... more »

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