Antenna Mount: Adjustable Heavy Duty for Pole or Wall. Stainless Steel


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Stainless Steel Antenna Mount

Heavy-duty articulating mount that is adjustable to face any direction. Stainless steel, suitable for high-wind conditions, marine/seaside, and larger antennas.

N-female connector fits perfectly in the hole on the shelf, so that you can secure the antenna with the N-female bulkhead nut: This option for securing the antenna works for antennas that have have either an N-female or N-male connector: If the antenna has an N-male, you mount the N-female cable with bulkhead on this mount, and then screw the antenna onto the N-female to secure it.

Of course, this mount can be used for other applications that do not involve an N-connector.

Can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Stainless steel mounting bracket dimensions: 100mm x 88mm x 177mm

Optional stainless steel U-BOLTS can be used to secure the mount to a pole up to to 1.97-inch (40mm) outer diameter, or use the set-screws kit to secure the mount to a wall: Choose in the options above.

The optional U-Bolt kit includes:

The optional set-screws kit includes:

  • Stainless Set-screws M4 and Pegs 1/4" X 1" (qty 4 each)
  • Spring Washers 11mm (qty 4)

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