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AirCube Indoor Access Points

Ubiquiti AirCube Indoor Access Points

The Ubiquiti AirCube is an integrated 24V passthrough compact design indoor wireless access point that is made to work with airMAX Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). These access points come in two models:

AirCube AC
This is a Dual-band wireless access point with 2x2 MIMO technology and 802.11ac, which provides maximum wireless performance. It provides:
1. Up to 300 Mbps with 2.4 GHz of radio band speeds
2. Up to 866.7 Mbps with 5GHz of radio band speeds

airCube ISP
This is a 2x2 MIMO technology access point with 802.11n that provides
1. Up to 300 Mbps of Wi-Fi speeds when using the 2.4 GHz of radio band speed

Features of Ubiquiti AirCube
1. Versatile Power Options – Both models are versatile and using a 24V PoE adapter, you can provide power both to the wireless access point and then pass it through to an airMAX CPE.

2. Management – The Ubiquiti AirCube is easy to manage as it comes with intuitive interfaces for easy control and set up. It comes in two modes: Web UI and the Ubiquiti Network Management System (UNMS).
a) Web UI – You can log into the Web UI and enable the standalone utility, which allows you to make basic configurations. 
b) UNMS – Download an Android or iOS app, which you can then use to manage and control all your Ubiquiti devices on your smartphone or tablet. This may include backing up, upgrade, configuration, and monitoring of your devices among other tasks.

3. Super Antenna – The AirCube provides excellent coverage through its super antenna that beats most regular wireless access points.

4. Sleek Design – The cube comes in an attractive design, which means that you can place it anywhere in a room and still get excellent wireless performance.
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