Sealant Tape for under Roof Antenna Mount Feet: 10FT x 3-3/4 inches


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Sealant Tape for Roof Antenna Mount

Roof Sealant Tape: A permanent weather-proof seal with this extra-wide tape. Roll out a 6-inch piece and place under the feet of your roof antenna mounts

Great for cold weather applications, it maintains a flexible, tight seal and holds fast to many surfaces. Features high dielectric strength and resistance to water and corrosive chemicals.


  • 10 ft. x 3-3/4 inches
  • Chemical Ingredient: Butyl Rubber, Tackifier, High Density Particle
  • SHORE Durometer (GB/T531-1999 Standard): 1 second data: 26 / 5 second data: 20
  • Tensile Strength: 0.17 Mpa (JIS K6301 Standard (Using JIS K6301 No.2 Knife Speed 200mm/Min).
  • Elongation: 150% (>20mm).
  • Operating Temperature: Under 80°C.
  • Appearance: Black Roll With Release Liner.
  • Flammable if ignited.
  • This product is not explosive.
  • This product will not self-ignite.
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