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Enclosure: 18x16x8 FRP NEMA w/ 120VAC. Mounting Plate. Vented, Gasketed Lid

  • SKU is HWN181:  This is the most basic version of this HWN18 enclosure series.  FRP NEMA w/ 120VAC. Mounting Plate. Gasketed Lid.   Exterior is 18x16x8 and interior is 17.7 X 15.7 X 8.5 inches:  These dimensions are the same for both of the enclosure versions on this page.
  • Pole Mount kit consisting of U-Bolts and Brackets, stamped in stainless steel.  This is compatible with all the enclosures on this page (HWN18 series of enclosures).
  • SKU is HWN18V:  This version has all the same features as HWN181, plus has (1) a vented lid with removable filters and vent covers on the outside of the enclosure, (2) Lightning Protection (3) Can accept up to two bulkhead-mount N-type lightning protectors to protect the antenna cables.
19.00 LBS
$22.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

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