800mW Bi-Directional Booster Module w/ RP-SMA-female connectors

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Bi-Directional Booster Module

Signal amplifier booster 800mW w/ RP-SMA for WiFi Wireless routers:

The APA05MD Wi-Fi Signal Booster is a highly efficient and compact unit designed to increase the performance and range of any 2.4 GHz wireless device. This includes Bluetooth, P2P, P2MP, 802.11n, 802.11b, 802.11b+, 802.11g, and 802.11b+g+n access points and wireless routers.

The APA05MD extends signal range, and in certain conditions, can double the range of these wireless devices. This eliminates the use of an additional radio with its associated data line, power outlet, signal interference, and setup headaches. The APA05MD is the fast and easy way to extend your signal range in any environment.

  • 4x the area coverage: APA05MD increases the coverage by 4x times compared to a standard wireless access point.
  • Suitable for WiFi Enthusiast / Developer: Status indicators & RP-SMA Female connectors on both sides of the pcb giving diversity for developers.
  • Maximizes Weak Signals: Not only boosts output signal but also has a receive gain of 20dBm. Can also be used for analogue CCTV applications.
  • Gold Plated SMA Connector: Allowing you to connect to a 2.4-2.5GHz source, and fits most WiFi antennas.
  • Power Source required: Requires a 5VDC 500mA max regulated power supply.

Power Supply Specifications: 5-volts, 0.5 Amp (500 mA)

800mW Bi-Directional Specifications:
Frequency 2.4~2.5GHz
Signal Type DSSS/OFDM
TR Switch Time < 1µsec
RX Max. Input Power -10 dBm
RX Max. Power Gain 13 dBi
TX Max. Linear Output 500mW / +27dBm
TX Max. Power Gain 13 dBi
TX Input Power 20 dBi
DC Supply 5V/500mA
DC Jack Dimension Ø 2.7 x Ø 0.65 x 8.5mm ( ±0.5mm )
Status LED PWR@Green
AP Connector Type RP-SMA Female
Antenna Connector Type RP-SMA Female
Operating Temperature -0~+50?
Dimensions L*W*H 60 x 17.77 x 8mm ( ±0.5mm )
Weight 7.30g


RP-SMA Female Connector Characteristics and Details