USB Type-C to Mini PCIe Adapter


1.00 LBS
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USB Type-C to mini PCIe adapter with dual-SIM and reset features

  1. Type-C SuperSpeed USB 1 10 Gbps receptacle
  2. Mini PCIe with SIM and USB (SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps and USB 2.0)
  3. 4× LED
  4. 2x× IPEX/U.FL to SMA antenna connector
  5. 1× mini SIM
  6. 1× micro SIM
  7. SIM slide switch
  8. Modem reset button

AUCMC-S2 is a Type-C to mini PCIe adapter dedicated for modems

AUCMC-S2 offers a quick and easy way to use a regular full-size Mini Card 4G/LTE and 5G module on desktop or notebook PC equipped with USB connectivity.

Dual (mini and micro) SIM feature with sophisticated reset logic circuit, mechanical SIM select switch and modem reset button complement rich functionality of the adapter.

Adapter includes two female SMA connectors for antennas and the bundle contains required jumper RF cables (IPEX/U.FL to IPEX/U.FL).