USB Cable Extension up to 197-FT over CAT5 / CAT6 Cable: Very high quality


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Place USB wireless adapters & antenna high for line-of-sight & more signal gain!
Extend USB Cable Over Standard PC network cable: CAT5 / CAT6 Cable
USB A-male to USB A-female


Extend USB extension cable up to 60-meters (197 feet) over standard CAT5 cable with RJ45 plugs.

Use this USB extender cable with your USB wireless client, in lieu of antenna cables. Unlike antenna cables (which lose significant signal per meter of cable), this USB extender cable loses only about 2.1% of signal per five meters - and so gives you far more signal strength from your USB wireless client, compared to using coax antenna cables. (This cable's performance is much better than Other five meter active USB cables that we have tested).

Using this extender, you can place your USB wireless client high above your PC and/or outside, where it can receive and transmit WiFi signals much better. For example, you can gain direct line-of-site to your target wireless access point through better placement ofThe USB client and its antenna.


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    It works

    Posted by Bill S on 19th Dec 2017

    I only received it yesterday and was asked to review it the day after. I set it up with 150 feet of cat6 for remote use of a mouse and the mouse appears to work as if I was standing right there with no lag.
    I can't give 5 stars to something I've only just received as it obviously needs to last long term or it does me no good.
    It works now... if that changes, I will update this review. If it doesn't change months or years from now, feel free to consider this a 5.