SSMB to U.FL connector: 1-meter Double-Shielded Outdoor / Indoor Antenna Cable


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SSMB to U.FL connector

Antenna Cable: U.FL to SSMB right-angle: 1 meter = 39 inches

One end has a I-PEX connector (mates with U.FL-LP-66), and the other end has a RP-SMA female connector.

  • I-PEX connector attaches antenna to U.FL jack/connector on internal wireless card.
  • I-PEX connector mates with cable-connector U.FL-LP-66, found on mini-PCI wireless cards such as:
    • Intel PRO / wireless 2200BG Network Connection (WM3B2200BG)
    • This cable is 39 inches long. Cable type is LMR100 equivalent

This pigtail enables connection of an external antenna to a mini-PCI wireless card with a female HiRose/U.FL connector U.FL-LP-66 connector. Mini-PCI wireless cards are designed for laptops.

Antenna jacks of miniPCI cards & Router Boards


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I-PEX connector is identical to U.FL and mates with cable-connector U.FL-LP-66, found on mini-PCI wireless cards.

Lead-free and compliant with RoHS and REACH: All of our antenna cables and RF adapters are RoHS compliant and REACH compliant.

Data Alliance's high-quality soldered terminations of U.FL connectors with soldering provide a low-loss connection with discontinuities kept to a minimum.

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