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LMR-100 coaxial cable - facts and figures

Used for transmission of radio frequency signals over antenna cables, the LMR-100 is a workhorse in connectivity over distance. Most common uses are:

  • broadband internet networks
  • audio visual projects
  • TV
  • computer networks

The LMR-100's features have much in common with other cables within it's class, here are the highlights:

  1. Copper clad-steel conductor - an efficient and effective vehicle for conveying radio frequency signals
  2. Dielectric PE foam - insulation layer keeping the signal charge from escaping the cable
  3. Double shielding - aluminum and copper braiding combination layers for eliminating EMI
  4. Outer Jacket - maintaining physical integrity in most environments

So, what is the LMR-100 actually made of:


1. Inner conductor

  • LMR-100 conductor: 0.46 mm (0.02 in) in diameter

2. Dielectric foam diameter & material

  • LMR-100 foam diameter: 1.52 mm (0.01 in), Polyethylene foam

3. Inner shield

  • LMR-100 inner shield: aluminium tape

4. Outer shield

  • LMR-100 outer shield: copper braiding

5. Outer cable sheath diameter, material & color

  • LMR-100 cable sheath: 2.79 mm (0.1 in) in diameter, PVC, black

LMR-100 and it's behaviour

Temperature stability = able to withstand temperatures of 85-degrees C the LMR-100 is innately resistant to relative extreme environmental heat. A temperature low of -40-degrees C. Bending radius =  flexibility will be your friend with the LMR-100. It will give you the benefit of the tightest bend radius in your chosen application environment: 0.25 inches (6.4 mm) Weight = a very conservatively proportioned product, the LMR-100 proposes great logistical benefits with a weight of only: 0.0092 lb/ft (0.014 kg/m) LMR-100 is made from halogen-free components.


An all-rounder with outstanding conservative features making it a low loss champion among RF signal cables:

At 900 MHz

  • LMR-100 = 0.75 dB/m. (0.228 dB/ft.)

At 2400 MHz

  • LMR-100 = 1.28 dB/m. (0.389 dB/ft.)

At 3500 MHz

  • LMR-100 = 1.58 dB/m. (0.48 dB/ft.)

At 5800 MHz

  • LMR-100: 2.10 dB/m. (0.641 dB/ft.)

LMR-100 and double shielding

The LMR-100 internal structure benefits from double shielding. An inner aluminium layer provides 100% coverage minimising attenuation. An outer copper braiding aides with greater thickness for the ultimate dampening effect on signal seepage.

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