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RP-SMA Extension Cables: 2-inch to 10.5-FT

Data Alliance's short RP-SMA Extension Cables are made with LMR-100 coaxial cable

Double Shielded for Low Loss of Signal:  This cable is ideal for most noisy electrical environments because of it's double shielding. An aluminium layer coupled with copper braiding excellently preserves signal strength by significantly attenuation electromagnetic magnetic interference.

The LMR possesses the typical characteristics of coaxial cables within its class:

  1. Copper clad-steel conductor - strong conductor material with high carrying efficiency
  2. Dielectric PE foam - high level insulation of the charge within the inner conductor
  3. Double shielding - inner aluminium layer plus outer copper braided shield for maximum signal preservation
  4. Outer Jacket - good protection for your cable against physical force

Browse the following for a technical breakdown of the capabilities of the LMR-100 cable:

Composition 1. Inner conductor

  • LMR-100 conductor: 0.46 mm in diameter

2. Dielectric foam diameter & material

  • LMR-100 foam diameter: 1.52 mm, Polyethylene foam

3. Inner shield

  • LMR-100 inner shield: aluminium tape

4. Outer shield

  • LMR-100 outer shield: copper braiding

5. Outer cable sheath diameter, material & color

  • LMR-100 cable sheath: 2.79 mm in diameter, Polyvinyl chloride, black

Some other associated physical characteristics of LMR-200 vs LMR-400

Temperature stability = the maximum temperature stability of the LMR-100 is 85-degrees C / and on the converse, it remains stable until a minimum temperature of -40-degrees C. Great for both indoor and outdoor environments. Bending radius =  when bent, the cable has a radius of 25.4 mm. Weight = the LMR-100 cable weighs 0.02kg/m. The cable benefits from only 50 Ohm impedance and is halogen free in material make up, therefore doesn't liberate toxins into the air in the case of fire.


LMR-100 is classed as a low loss coaxial cable. The following attenuation statistics provide technical insight into this property:

At 900 MHz

  • LMR-100 = 0.228 dB/ft.

At 2400 MHz

  • LMR-100 = 0.389 dB/ft.

At 3500 MHz

  • LMR-100 = 0.48 dB/ft.

At 5800 MHz

  • LMR-100: 0.641 dB/ft.


LMR-100 is used within networks requiring the transmission of radio frequency. You'll commonly find LMR-100 in the following industrial environments:

  • broadband internet networks
  • audio visual projects
  • TV
  • computer networks
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